How to Use A Pendulum For Magickal Meditation

The word “divination” is defined as “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future of the unknown by supernatural means”. For example, tarot cards, pendulums, reading tea leaves or coffee grounds, candle magick – all of which direct energy and require a clear, focused mind, just like many meditative practices do.

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The word “meditating” is defined as “to think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.“

Maybe you’ve tried one or both, or maybe you’ve never tried at all because you think it’s crazy and that’s okay, but have you ever tried them together? For example, have you ever used a pendulum to meditate?

Personally, I am terrible at meditating. I’m a mom of three boys (five and under) so not only do I have very little quiet time, but when I do, I find it hard to sit still in silence. I get anxious and sweaty. For me to be able to focus and actually comfortably clear my mind, I have to do something physical.

How To Use A Pendulum For Meditation
One of my handcrafted pendulums made with Amazonite, Green Fluorite, Clear Quartz, and Jasper featured with a Rose Quartz crystal

This is where the pendulum comes in. By holding the pendulum in my fingers, I have a physical anchor to my earthly world. This prevents me from feeling anxious, while watching it choose its rhythm soothes my mind and allows me to focus on what I need to, such as affirmations or something as simple as calming my mind. Not that this will work for everybody but if you’ve ever had trouble meditating the way most people do, it could work for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard about pendulums and how you can use them to receive answers to universal questions, which means you have a general idea of how to hold them and use them. If not, don’t worry. The way you hold a pendulum for divination is the same way you hold them for meditation, which is holding the chain between your thumb and forefinger about 4-6″ above the crystal and allowing the crystal to dangle about an inch above a flat surface.

Don’t try to make it still or move it, but instead watch it. Notice the natural rhythm it takes on because everyone’s is different. The moment I pick up a pendulum, it swings clockwise until I provide a question or a direction for it. For some, it will stay still or swing counterclockwise, or maybe back and forth. There is no right or wrong, there is only energy.

If your pendulum remains still during the meditation process, choose an affirmation you’d like to focus on, close your eyes, and visualize it. The energy of your affirmation should begin to move the pendulum and from there, you can focus on it and your intentions.

How To Use A Pendulum For Magickal Meditation
Another crystal pendulum made with Red Vein Jasper and Goldstone featured with an Orange Calcite sphere

If your pendulum happens to move immediately, visualize your intentions in your mind while you focus on the pendulum with your eyes. Imagine that the movement of it is absorbing the energy of your affirmation and then directing it into the universe.

For example, if your intention or affirmation is something like “peaceful, open communication with loved ones”, try to visualize the people you specifically struggle with communicating with. Picture them having a conversation with you, their faces joyful and easygoing, and imagine the feeling of warm, open love that you give and receive with these people.

How To Use A Pendulum For Magickal Meditation
A handcrafted crystal pendulum made with Titanium Rainbow Quartz featured with a raw Gypsum crystal

While one of its main purposes in this process is anchoring us physically, the pendulum acts as a receiver and transmitter for our thoughts and energies. It guides us to that sacred space in our own thoughts where boundaries and filters fall away, and we can perceive the dreams and desires that we want to accomplish while directing our personal energy towards them.

Every part of this process comes down to what feels right or comfortable to you. It’s different for every person and my own process may not work for others. The point is to give you somewhere to start; a firm place to plant your feet and say “This is weird, but I can do it”. It’s such a beautiful experience when you finally discover what works for you, but it’s important to remember that it all comes down to you – your own power and will, the courage to believe, and all of that inner magic that’s been left untouched for so long.

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Happy journeys! 🌙

How To Use A Pendulum For Magickal Meditation

By Tylyn Fry

Writer • Educator • Herbal Alchemist

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