Six Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

I remember watching my mother cook as a child and being mesmerized by the tiny jars of dried herbs and spices that she’d occasionally choose from. I’d watch her sprinkle each one carefully, never measuring except by taste. I was so curious about what each of them did and was certain I’d never have a collection like that.

And now as an adult, my collection is not only more expansive than my mother’s was, but is constantly growing due to my foraging. I never have enough jars anymore.

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

With the growth of my herbal collection, I’ve also researched and read and learned as much as possible about each plant and their uses. It is truly amazing what herbs and spices can do for us, not only physically but spiritually and even magickally.

I’ve come to find that it’s no coincidence that my most favorite herbs to use in spell work and rituals are also my favorite to cook with. I never understood why until I became a witch and really started looking into them.

It turns out that plants get their magickal and medicinal properties from none other than the very planets in our solar system. Every single plant has a corresponding planet with energetic properties that can shift our reality if used correctly, whether magickally, medicinally, spiritually, or nutritionally.

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

Rosemary – Of The Sun

Let’s begin with Rosemary, because it is and will always be at the top of my list of favorite herbs. To give you an idea of how important this herb is to me, it has a special place on every grocery list because I put fresh sprigs of it in my ice water, usually with lemon or cucumber, and in many of my hot teas.

I wear Rosemary oil for headaches or to stay focused, I put it on most meat dishes that I cook, whip it into mashed potatoes, sprinkle it into rice and beans and well, you get the idea.

Unsurprisingly, Rosemary corresponds with the Sun, which in medicinal terms could be considered the great restorative. Herbs that correspond with the Sun act to restore health and vitality. They stimulate and balance the human health system that suffers from either excess or deficiency.

Medicinally, Rosemary improves circulation, relieves headaches, and is calming to the nervous system. It’s known to enhance memory, lift the spirit, enhance mental clarity, and reduce fatigue. Rosemary also slows the growth of several bacteria that are involved in food spoilage and can be more effective in food preservation than many common food preservative additives.

Magickally, it can be used in spells and rituals meant to enhance self-confidence, success, vitality, courage, authority, dignity, fame, and self-knowledge. For more potent magick, combine it with crystals that also correspond to the Sun, such as diamond, citrine, yellow jasper, and topaz.

Add dried Rosemary to spell bottles and bath teas, hang a small dried branch of it near your front door for protection, or crush fresh sprigs of it in your mortar and pestle to inhale its aroma for deeper meditation and connection to the third eye.

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

Star Anise – Of The Moon

Star Anise is a recent, and much appreciated, personal discovery in the kitchen. They correspond with the Moon, their pods literally look like little stars and they smell so strangely sweet, like smelling the most natural black licorice. They are pungent and it should be noted that when cooking with them, a little goes a long way.

You’d be surprised how adding it to tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate can turn a simple beverage into a mystical experience.

The energies of the Moon affect our subconscious mind, the intuition and psychic centers, reproductive system, and the emotions. The herbs that correspond with the Moon act mostly on the major fluids of the body and on the stomach.

Medicinally, Star Anise helps with digestive issues such as abdominal cramping, bloating, burping, constipation, gas, indigestion, and stomach aches. It’s also known to enhance the absorption of nutrients, supporting your body in building healthier cells and organs.

Being an expectorant, it also liquefies thick mucus so that it can be expelled. It’s an antibacterial that hinders the flu and keeps your lungs clear of mucus.

Magickally, Star Anise can be used in spell work and rituals for psychic knowledge, dream working, child birth, fertility, past life recall, imagination, and the subconscious mind. To enhance your magick, combine with crystals and materials that also correspond to the Moon, such as pearl, abalone, moonstone, and selenite.

Brew a cup of hot black tea and slip a Star Anise pod into it before any shadow work or rituals pertaining to the subconscious mind. Grind it up and mix it with other herbs for a ritual incense. Add it to a spell satchet or bottle or place a whole pod on your altar to enhance psychic abilities.

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance  Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

Clove – Of Uranus

Like Rosemary, Clove is one spice that I use almost every day, especially when it gets even remotely chilly outside. I put Ground Clove in our coffee grounds every morning before it brews. I’ve used it with coconut oil in a paste to give my teething babies some relief. I’ve mixed it with Black Pepper and honey to consume when I feel a cold coming on. It’s amazing stuff.

Being an herb of Uranus, it is a spice for the eccentric and the magickal. It governs the same functions of conscious perception as Mercury but on another, higher level.

Medicinally, Cloves can heal acne, colds, constipation, coughs, dyspepsia, indigestion, intestinal parasites, nausea, skin ulcers, sores, and tooth aches. Heavy desserts are known to clog the sinuses, dull the mind, and produce phlegm. Cloves open the sinuses, encourage mental clarity, and resolve phlegm.

Cloves are also highly antibacterial, helping to rid the body of undesirable microorganisms by expelling the bacteria infested mucus that can instigate sinus problems or leave one susceptible to coughs and bronchial infections.

Magickally, when used in spell work and rituals, Cloves assist with enlightenment, objectivity, technology, eccentricity, genius, and breaking free from old patterns and electrical impulses of the brain. To enhance this magick, combine with crystals that also correspond to Uranus, such as quartz, rutilated quartz, kunzite, and amazonite.

Meaning that if you’re trying to end a bad habit or pattern such as smoking, losing your temper, overeating, being critical of others or something similar, adding Cloves to your spell bottles or bath rituals can really help.

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

Cayenne – Of Mars

Considering that I wasn’t a fan of spicy food until my twenties, I’d never guess that I’d be cooking with Cayenne now, or using it for magickal hexes and spells. This spice took me by surprise, like it does many people.

Now, I add it to almost anything I know my kids aren’t eating. (They’re not ready for that level of heat yet.) Cayenne brings a normal chicken salad sandwich to life. Try it in some homemade pesto, or in an herbal vinegar or honey. Create an herbal sprinkle to add to your meals and throw in some of your other favorite dried herbs.

Medicinally, Cayenne is an antibacterial that gets rid of cold and flu, dissolves mucus and congestion, reduces nerve pain, and stops bleeding. It’s also known to assist with the delivery of the nutrients and medicinal qualities of other herbs that are used with it.

Due to Cayenne’s hot tendencies, it dilates surface capillaries and increase the blood supply to capillaries in the lining of the brain, helping with headaches and mental fog. It’s also known to stimulate blood circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients through the body.

Magickally, Cayenne corresponds with Mars, a planet with a bad reputation as it’s often associated with destruction and aggression. However, those are qualities that Mars expresses when its energies are not in balance. Those energies are also that which protect and vitalize. For more potent magick, combine with crystals that correspond to Mars, such as garnet, ruby, carnelian, and bloodstone.

Using Cayenne in spell work and rituals, whether dark or light magick, can greatly assist with victory, aggression, achievement, energy, action, assertiveness, strength, and even sexual desire.

Though there are many ways to utilize Cayenne for protection and energy in light (or white) magick, it is mostly used in dark magic to break a hex, hex someone else, in bad luck spells, on voodoo dolls, in binding jars and spells, and more.

It should be noted that Cayenne should never be added to an incense or burned. Never get it near your eyes and wash hands thoroughly after use.

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

Basil – Of Mars

Another herb that corresponds with Mars and is even more delectable than Cayenne, is Basil. Oh, how I love Basil, and the many dishes it enhances. If you don’t have a Basil plant of some sort growing in your home, are you even allowed to be a green witch? I hope so, because I am terrible at keeping mine alive.

Basil is known as the destroyer of phlegm. It can help calm the nervous system, settle the stomach, and clear the mind while fighting off colds and allergies. A tea made from Basil leaves works for almost any digestive complaint as it relieves stomach cramps, nausea, gas, and constipation.

Add a little honey to your Basil tea before your next big meal and you won’t feel like slipping into a food coma.

Basil loves the summer sun, so harvest its leaves before it gets cold and dry them for winter sauces and dressings. Or you can save fresh Basil by blending 30 grams of Basil leaves and 1 1/2 cups of olive oil until it becomes a paste, then freeze in containers. Eating more Basil in the late summer and early fall helps fend off sinus and bronchial congestion during winter.

Magickally, just like Cayenne, using Basil in spells and rituals can assist with victory, aggression, achievement, energy, action, assertiveness, strength, and sexual desire. Also like Cayenne, Basil can be combined with crystals that correspond to Mars for more energy and magick.

If you have trouble speaking up for yourself or with social anxiety, add dried Basil to a protection amulet with the intentions of helping you stand your ground and be more confident in social settings. Try doing a tea ritual with Basil tea before heading into that job interview or to take a big exam to promote achievement and your own personal victory.

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

Rose – Of Venus

If you have yet to join the trend of eating flowers, you might want to look into it. Not only because you’ll be in “the know”, but also because this is a worthwhile trend. My most favorite edible flower, for example, are roses.

Being of Venus, Roses are harmonizing, calming, relaxing, nourishing, replenishing, revitalizing, and uplifting. Venus herself rules over creativity and self-expression, which are proven perfectly by the many herbs that correspond with her.

Medicinally, Roses are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and have a cooling, decongestant effect when consumed. They’re also a nervine, dispensing a soothing and uplifting effect when stress and tension have taken over.

Externally, Roses treat bug bites, stings, sores, wounds, hemorrhoids, rashes, and bruises. Putting fresh Roses in your bath provides the perfect medium to tighten skin, reduce aggravated skin problems, and enhance the complexion.

Get creative and make some Rose-Orange Peel lemonade, or mix it with Lavender in butter for a spread. Make an herbal Rose honey and drizzle it on fruit and desserts. Grind dry Rose Petals into a powder and mix it with Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger, and Fennel seed for a lovely herbal sprinkle for your meals. Add Roses to smoothies or soak them in your drinking water. The options are infinite!

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

Magickally, using Roses in spells and rituals can assist with love, friendship, artistry, attraction, music, pleasure, sensual delights, beauty, balance, and compassion. It is true that Venus rules over The Arts, but she also oversees love. Not only romantic love, but also love of family, friends, the community, the Planet and all other beings, as well as love and acceptance of oneself. It is this love that creates the harmony of Venus. To amplify your magick, try combining Roses with crystals that correspond to Venus, such as emerald, malachite, apatite, and green fluorite.

Utilizing the energies of this Planet doesn’t just make you or your artistic creation more physically beautiful. Venus has the power to unite all aspects of a person or a project into a balanced, harmonious whole, which others then respond to with appreciation and affection.

Beyond love spells, try putting a few Rosebuds in a satchet with a Clear Quartz crystal and keep it in your purse (or bra, like me) if you have trouble with self-love. Use Roses in a spell to bring about a new friendship or to heal broken bonds or emotional wounds. You’d be surprised how helpful Venus can be when you learn how to use her herbs and energies.

If you’re still reading this and you want to go even deeper into the alchemical world of herbal magick, please check out these two books:

The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook by Karen Harrison

The Herbal Kitchen by Kami McBride

I may make a small commission at no extra charge to you if purchased through this blog. I think they’re both incredible sources of herbal information that any green witch, herbalist, or curious mom would find useful.

Thank you for reading. Happy journeys! 🌙

6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life
6 Herbs & Spices To Enhance Your Magickal & Culinary Life

By Tylyn Fry

Writer • Educator • Herbal Alchemist

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