The Complete Witch’s Guide to Creating Powerful Rituals

A ritual is defined as “a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order”. When performed in a sacred space with certain objects and intent, rituals can create some powerful magick, much like casting a spell. Not all rituals are magickal, but there are a few of us witches who have recognized how potent they can be when used magickally.

The first ritual that I ever did was for the release of anxiety, inuitively done with no instruction or direction, and it went very well. At that point, I had read several books on witchcraft and rituals and took note of what was working for other witches.

However the reason that my ritual worked isn’t simply because of magick – it was because I consistently performed my ritual every morning at the exact same time for exactly twenty-two days. (I had determined that my ritual corresponded with Uranus, whose number is twenty-two.) Even with my kids running through my house sword fighting, I did my ritual with the same focus and intent that I did in silence, every single day.

The Complete Witch’s Guide to Creating Powerful Rituals

Unfortunately, we tend to forget that the work of the ritual or spell is not in the ritual itself, but inside of us. We think we can perform one spell that will fix all of our problems and we won’t have to do anything else. But that’s not how magick (or life) works.

I understand that it sounds crazy, but after those twenty-two days, I began to notice that I felt like a completely different person. It was very slowly at first, like waking up from a very deep sleep, and then suddenly I was aware of myself in situations where I would normally be wanting to run away, but instead I felt calm and present. For the first time in my twenty-seven years of life, I wasn’t anxious.

There are rituals that are easy and simple, such as tea or coffee, morning and nightly routines, the little things you do before you leave your home. But then there are bigger, more intensive rituals. Because the desired result is generally more significant, they take more spiritual and energetic work and are like balloons of magick and energy and power.

For your ritual to be powerful and truly have an effect on your life, you have to keep at it. Even when it’s annoying, or uncomfortable and awkward, or you’re so tired, or the house needs to be cleaned, perform your ritual until it’s not necessary anymore. If you half-ass your magick, your results will be equally as half-assed.

The Complete Witch’s Guide to Powerful Rituals

There is spiritual work to do between rituals as well. It’s like trying to lose weight so you begin a diet where you eat one healthy meal a month, but your eating habits between those healthy meals don’t change and you’re left with no progress or weight loss. To truly see complete results, you’ve got to do the work. That means visualizing the goal of your ritual whenever you can, not just during the ritual itself. It means keeping any crystals or other materials from the ritual on the person or under the pillow until the ritual is complete. Reaffirming the desired goal should be done with affirmations throughout each day.

So yes, a power ritual can change your life. But you have to find or create the right one for you and your circumstances, and you have to follow through. You have to be willing to feel an exhaustion that you’ve never known, and you have to believe it is for your greatest good and your Higher Self. It won’t be instant, or pretty or fun, but if you follow through, you will see a massive shift in your reality and your universe.

To help you create your own power ritual, I’ve come up with a list of the basic elements that I have found success with in my own rituals. Every person and situation is different. This list is meant to be altered as needed, so feel free to change anything to fit you and your situation.

Determine your exact need for a power ritual. What is it that you want to change about your life? This is what you will focus on and visualize each time you perform your ritual, so try to be as specific as possible. You can choose to write this down and burn or bury it when your ritual is complete.

Use the planets and their energies to decide how long your ritual should be, and what you should include in it. Every planet (including the Sun and Moon) has many properties that correspond with each specific energies, such as numbers, colors, smells, herbs and spices, days of the week, and more.

The Sun
Energies: self-confidence, success, vitality, courage, fame, self-knowledge
Colors: gold, orange
Number: 1
Metal: gold
Stones/materials: diamond, citrine, yellow jasper, topaz

The Moon
Energies: psychic knowledge, dream working, child birth, fertility, past life recall, the subconscious mind
Colors: lilac, silver
Number: 2
Metal: silver
Stones/materials: pearl, abalone, moonstone, selenite

Energies: victory, aggression, achievement, energy, action, strength, sexual desire
Colors: scarlet, red, vermillion, orange
Number: 5
Metal: iron
Stones/materials: garnet, ruby, carnelian, bloodstone

Energies: communication, business, success, intellectualization, learning
Color: yellow
Number: 7
Metal: quicksilver
Stones/materials: quartz, herkimer diamond, yellow calcite, optical calcite, yellow jasper

Energies: expansion, career, ambition, luck, material success, spiritual growth, humor
Color: royal blue
Number: 6
Stones/materials: sapphire, turquoise, blue topaz, lapis lazuli

Energies: love, friendship, artistry, attraction, music, pleasure, sensual delights, beauty, balance, compassion
Color: green
Number: 3
Metal: copper
Stones/materials: emerald, malachite, apatite, green fluorite

Energies: stability, form, karma, discipline, protection, patience, endurance
Color: indigo
Number: 4
Metal: lead
Stones/materials: jet, onyx, hematite, smoky quartz

Energies: illusion and imagination, hypnosis, trance, dream work
Color: blue-green
Number: 11
Stone/materials: seashell, amber, labradorite, cat’s eye, lemurian crystal

Energies: enlightenment, objectivity, technology, genius, breaking free from old patterns and electrical impulses of the brain
Color: electric blue
Number: 22
Metal: white gold
Stones/materials: quartz, rutilated quartz, kunzite, amazonite

Energies: death, alchemical transformation, regeneration, decay, sexual instinct, the deep unconscious
Color: smoky black
Number: 33
Stones/materials: ash, lava stone, obsidian, black opal, apache tear, black tourmaline

Figure out which day of the week corresponds best with your ritual. Each day of the week has a planetary ruler that determines the energies and magickal properties of each day. Once you know the exact reason for your ritual, find the day that corresponds best with your needs.

Monday – Moon
Psychic endeavors or impressions, invoking power, creative ideas, divine/inspirational messages, healing
Tuesday – Mars
Sexual encounters, protection, building strength of mind and body, confidence
Wednesday – Mercury
Career endeavors, job opportunities, intellectual pursuits, travel planning, research
Thursday – Jupiter
Finances, legal matters, spirituality, development
Friday – Venus
Romantic attraction, all relationships, reconciliation, physical makeovers, beautifying your environment
Saturday – Saturn
Matters of home, future projects, personal goals, weight loss, releasing bad habits, ending any kind of relationship
Sunday – Sun
Healing of mind, body, and soul, management/decision making, problem solving, divine intervention/miracles, special friendships

Choose the best magickal time of day to perform your ritual. There is an ideal time of day for every ritual that makes magick more potent and can help you see stronger results.

Daylight hours are best for matters of the conscious mind – including magick for leadership, intelligence, and all cognitive functions.
Night time is meant for the intuitive, emotional self, maternal nature, healing, fertility, and moon magick.
Dawn commemorates a new beginning, freshens warmth, and renews hope. It is an especially potent time for spring observances.
Dusk brings messages of closing and ending, but this finality is not without promise as dusk marks a temporary change toward darkness
Midnight/Noon are commonly called the “in between” hours and are the most active times for elemental creatures. Excellent for all magick pertaining to positive modifications in your life, endings and beginnings.

Determine which lunar phase and its correspondences will be most beneficial to your ritual and its outcome. With each phase of the moon, subtle energies shift and work to promote specific aspects of our lives at certain times.

New Moon: Dark Magick – Beauty and Health – Money – New Beginnings – Rejuvenation – Banishment – New Projects – Soul Searching – Seclusion – Midnight Magick – Binding – Decision Making

Waxing Moon: Growth – Attraction – Healing – Creation – Friendship – Love – Drawing Courage – Luck – Inspiration – Power – Production – Motivation

Full Moon: Divination – Protection – Light Work – Psychic Abilities – Romance – Knowledge – Blessings – Decision Making – Prosperity – Guidance

Waning Moon: Removal – Protection – Cleansing – Repelling – Curses – Release – Mending Relationships – Warning

Blue Moon: Rituals – Protection – Guidance – Power Boost – Divination – Light Magick – Obtaining Goals – Positive Change

Blood Moon: Ridding Oneself of Bad Habits – Prophecy – Spirit Conjurations – Healing – Protection – Manifestation – Balance – Transformation

Super Moon: There is an incredible surge in the moon’s energy at this time, allowing for heightened abilities to cast spells that will come to fruition. This is a good time to use the spells and rituals that mean the most to you, such as manifesting desires, releasing negativity, or boosting your feminine energy.

Lunar Eclipse: You can perform any type of magick during a lunar eclipse as the moon is shown in all of its phases due to the Earth blocking the sun from the moon.

Create an affirmation or incantation for your ritual. This can be written down, memorized, or something you come up with on the spot. It can be spoken in your mind, whispered, or shouted if you please. Your incantation can be sweet and simple, broken up into fragments of sentences throughout your ritual, or paragraphs at a time.
It can rhyme, it can have no structure at all, or it can be a poem that someone else wrote but it belongs in your ritual. Whatever it is that you choose, just make sure that you feel it in your soul. If you can’t connect with your affirmations, your ritual won’t be as powerful.

Determine which candle color magickally corresponds to your ritual.
It’s not a necessity to use a candle or candles with every ritual, but sometimes it can carry more potency if our intentions are focused on a flame (or two), especially when combined with color magick.

Gold, Orange, and Yellow
Healing, for both the mind and the body. Self-confidence and self-esteem. Fathers who may need a little help with parenting. Communication. Education. Finding lost property. Improving writing skills.
Silver and Blue
Increasing psychic abilities. Matters of home and family. Women, pregnancy, and motherhood. Safe travels.
Protection in general. House blessings. Invoking spirits. Business and work. New jobs.
Encouraging romance and attracting love. Creating harmony in relationships and marriage. Enhancing beauty to appear more physically attractive. Improving musical talents.
Confidence and courage. Increasing sexual energy. Arousing passion. Protection against being attacked.
Successfully managing wealth and money. Nature and garden spells. Success and achievements.
Brown and Black
Banishing evil. Stopping harassment or bullying. For a swift transition when moving house. Strengthening self-discipline.
Can be used for anything at all and can replace any color candle you may need.

Use your intuition to set up your sacred space for your ritual. You can use nothing but your mind and a quiet space, and that would be fine, but some people like to use physical anchors and multiple layers within their rituals. I am “some people”, especially when it comes to power rituals. Sometimes I use my altar, and I always implement the crystals and incense that correspond with my ritual. I burn Sage to create my sacred space and a large Selenite wand to cast a circle of protection before I begin.
If I need my ritual to be stronger, I use objects representing the four elements and I call in my spiritual guides and leave offerings such as whiskey or fruit as a thanks for their assistance. I prefer silence during my rituals, but you may choose to play music to help maintain the atmosphere.

Research other witches and their rituals if you get lost or confused.
Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something new is to learn from someone who’s already experienced. There are many books and blogs out there that offer implicit instructions to rituals and other magick. Pinterest is also an infinite source of information for baby witches just stepping into their craft.
Once you feel more knowledgeable, set about creating your own power rituals and see how much you can change about your life.

Most importantly, there is no right or wrong.
As long as you follow your intuition, truly believe in your craft and power, and you stay consistent the whole way through, you are doing it “right”. Don’t forget that it is your ritual, your life, and your magick.

I hope that this list has been helpful, and I hope that you discover a world of magick around you. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like more information regarding rituals and how I create my own, feel free to contact me at

Happy journeys!

By Tylyn Fry

Writer • Educator • Herbal Alchemist