How to Create Powerful Daily Affirmations With Tarot Cards & Crystals

Everyone and their mama knows what an affirmation is, and it’s likely you’ve even been told to say them by someone with good intentions. It can feel awkward though, right? Maybe you stood in the mirror one time and eyeballed yourself, repeating “I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am enough.” or something similar, until you felt like a weirdo and gave up altogether. I don’t blame you. I’ve done this hundreds of times.

The problem for me, and it’s possible that this is the case for you, is that I have trouble making a solid connection that feels real with just spoken words. This goes back to the type of learner that you were in school. For instance, I am a visual learner. I have to read it in writing, see it in a photo, visualize it in detail in my mind, or witness it in action to feel a connection with it and retain anything.

Spoken affirmations seem to work beautifully for auditory learners, or those that learn through sound, but for those of us that are visual or hands-on learners, or those that learn by actively working with their hands or through movement, it can be difficult to even connect with the affirmation, let alone feel it to the extent of enacting any change.

That’s where tools such as tarot cards and crystals are incredibly useful, and there are more benefits than you may realize to creating affirmations based on your tarot card. For example, it can be difficult coming up with an effective affirmation, and it can be even harder to know what you should be affirming with yourself at times, especially if you’re feeling ungrounded or cloudy. Shuffling your tarot deck and then pulling a single card can not only offer you a solid direction, but it gives you a foundation to build your affirmation upon.

Transforming Tarot Card Meanings into Affirmations

Let’s pull a card together so I can show you how to easily form affirmations from your own. For this one, I’m going to use my Kawaii Tarot deck, which is perfect for any spiritual or self development.

“Knight of Swords” – Kawaii Tarot Deck by Diana Lopez

We have the Knight of Swords, a card of “action” and “charging ahead”.

“The Knight of Swords card indicates rapidness, restlessness, and ‘just going for it’. The Knight of Swords puts everything on the line for what she believes in and charges forward, with no reserve, to get what she wants. She has a logical way of understanding the world. In some cases, the Knight of Swords is a hint that you should find like-minded people to move forward with together.”

So how can we translate this into an solid affirmation for the day? First, let’s break the interpretation down into keywords and terms:

– restlessness
– going for it
– beliefs
– forward
– action
– confidence
– logical
– like-minded company

Now let’s take these terms and transform them into powerful, positive statements:

“I feel confident and strong and know that I am capable of anything today.”

“My life is an exciting adventure and I am grateful for another day.”

“I am going for it today. I am going to take on everything that comes my way with no reserve.”

“I attract and surround myself with supportive, like-minded people into my life.”

“I am a force to be reckoned with. I know my values and beliefs and can stand strong with them.”

You can also create comforting affirmations for yourself, which is incredibly beneficial, especially if you suffer from depression or anxiety:

“I may feel restless and scattered right now, but it will soon pass, and I will feel grounded and centered again.”

“Even though I do not always recognize it or feel it, I am the strongest person that I know.”

It will definitely feel strange to you at first but the more that you try this process, the easier it will become. You’ll get to the point where you won’t have to list the keywords anymore, or even look at the interpretations in the guidebook, to know what your card of the day is telling you to focus on. This is also a fantastic way to get to know your cards if you’re new to tarot or have a new deck that you’re not acquainted with yet.

Transforming Oracle Card Meanings into Affirmations

If you’re more of an oracle reader and not that interested in tarot, this process works exactly the same with oracle cards. Let’s pull a card from my Amenti Oracle Feather Heart deck and transform it into an affirmation:

“I AM PEACEUL” – Amenti Feather Heart Oracle Deck by Jennifer Sodini

We have “I AM PEACEFUL” and here is the interpretation from the guidebook:

“From the moment we enter this world and begin our passage through time, the sands in the hourglass of the soul begin to move.
Time is the illusion of each moment moving past; the speed of life shifts with the pace of our awareness.
With each moment, the sands of the soul descend to form a cosmic pattern, which our individual part in history manifests through creation.

While chaos is presented during our journey through this illusion, contrast gives the soul’s story color, and if we remain at peace with each chapter, the momentum of peacefulness can bring dimension and beauty to all of the passages of experience.
To be at peace is to be one with what is by finding ease in the all, serenity in silence, and seeking calm even in the middle of the storm.
Allowing the light of your heart to shine through the darkest hours can bring the daylight of peace even during the dark night of the soul.

Every inhalation, every second, every minute, and every hour is a precious opportunity to ease into peacefulness before we are met with our final exhalation back into the all that is.
To seek peace is to be one with peacefulness. To be one with peacefulness is to appreciate every part of the particles that make up the matter of the meaningfulness that is you.”

Now, let’s list the key words and terms:

– awareness
– illusion
– chaos
– journey
– peacefulness
– dimension
– beauty
– serenity in silence
– ease in the all
– seeking calm
– light of your heart
– appreciate
– meaningfulness

Let’s see what affirmations we can work these into:

I am aware that the chaos I am feeling is just an illusion, but I know that I can find peace in the all.”

This journey is not easy or simple, but it is beautiful, peaceful, and wholly mine.”

“In this moment, right here, I feel nothing but peace and calm.”

I appreciate the beauty and peace of this dimension that I exist in.”

I acknowledge and appreciate each opportunity I have for peace today.”

Clear Quartz Crystals & Their Benefits

Now that you know how to translate your tarot card into your daily affirmation, it’s time to learn how to further project that positive energy into the universe, and the best way to do that is with crystals. Yes, I am giving you a reason to purchase more crystals. Whether you want to use crystal gridding with your tarot cards exclusively or not, you’ll eventually want to have quite a few pieces of it on hand. In my humble opinion, Clear Quartz is the most versatile, powerful crystal to own. Here’s why I believe so:

– Known as the “master healer” of all crystals, it is an ancient stone that has been used for many years. Its powers are said to be endless and different uses are being discovered constantly. It happens to be the first substance to ever be described as a crystal
– Releases blocked emotions, cleanses and shifts stagnant energy, can amplify and stregthen the aura, stimulates the immune system, and balances the body
– Amplifies, cleanses, and clears the energy of other crystals
– Works to reveal authenticity and truth
– Increases clarity, thought, sharpness, and perception
– Brings spiritual peace
– Absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energies
– Transmutes negative energy

Another great thing about Clear Quartz is it’s totally affordable. If you purchase it from metaphysical or occult shops, it’s likely to cost a bit more and you’ll probably have to pay for it per single crystal instead of in bulk. There’s nothing wrong with supporting your local shops but as you might’ve read in one of my previous posts, Amazon: The Hidden Witch’s Cupboard, I am a mom of three young boys that are similar to a herd of grizzly bears, and there’s no way I’m dragging them into one of those shops to destroy entire livelihoods.

That being said, I purchase most of my crystals from Amazon due to the affordability and efficiency. You can find half of a pound of Clear Quartz crystal points here for just $9.95 that are superior quality and they arrive in a black velvet bag. You should take care to rinse them in clean water after they arrive as they can be a little dusty from mining and travel. I’ve ordered these twice and have never been disappointed.

Gridding With Affirmations & Crystals

A crystal grid for forgiveness and acceptance of self made with an Amethyst center, Lavender Quartz points, Black Tibetan Quartz points, and Snow Quartz tumbles.

If you’ve never seen or created a crystal grid before, don’t fret. Crystal gridding is a process where a variety of crystals are placed, usually terminated quartz but tumbled stones and other crystals work too, in a flat design that efficiently projects or magnetizes the energy that you’re seeking through the use of sacred geometry, patterns, colors, and materials. Similar to casting a spell or performing a ritual, crystal grids use the placement of these correspondences with the combination of energy to manifest change.

Depending on the size of the grid you’re going for, you’ll want between 14 and 20 (at least) crystals or tumbles. You can incorporate an “anchor” crystal, such as the Amethyst in the center of the grid above, but this is optional because your tarot card will now act as your anchor from the center of the grid. Another option is integrating other materials such as flowers, plants, salts, shells, herbs, and other findings. You can build your grid entirely from intuition or do some research to make sure every correspondence aligns with the influence you’re looking for. Either way, the magick will happen as long as the intention, or in this case your affirmation, is there.

For this process, we’re going to begin with a blank, flat surface such as a table or the floor. You can light a candle and some incense if that helps you relax, or smoke cleanse your space with Palo Santo wood or Sage like I do. Whatever it is that you do to create a scared space, do so now. Take a few deep breaths and make sure that you’re in a neutral mindset. Then, place the card that you’ve created your affirmation with in the center of the surface and focus on it for a moment. This card and affirmation will be the anchor to your entire process and grid.

Try visualizing or speaking your affirmation out loud. Cement it in your mind’s eye as best as you can. You’ll want to hold this image or thought within your mind the entire time that you’re creating your grid. This is the only way to insure that your affirmation is projected directly through the crystals. Once you’ve got a firm grasp on your affirmation, pick up your first crystal and place it below your tarot or oracle card.

If you are trying to invoke something, such as patience or self-love within yourself, make sure the terminated points of your crystals point toward the card. If you’re trying to evoke something, such as manifesting a goal or instilling peace in a loved one, make sure that the points are facing outward, away from the card. The design of your grid doesn’t have to be perfect, but symmetry is important. Basically, if you place a crystal on one side, you’ll want to mirror it on the other side with another crystal each time.

While repeating your affirmation, slowly and deliberately place each crystal intuitively or in layers that move outward as you create your grid. Visualize the energy of your affirmation being absorbed by the crystals, and then projected out into the universe through the crystal points. Sit with the feeling this visualization gives you as you work, taking extra care to be present and mindful the entire time. Once you’re finished placing your crystals, you should end up with something like this…

KNIGHT OF SWORDS Tarot Crystal Affirmation Grid

As you can see, I included four dyed Howlite butterfly stones on the finishing layer, and that’s because butterflies symbolize the lightness of being, moving through different life cycles, elevation from earthly matters, and tuning into our emotional or spiritual side. Our affirmation for this grid is, “I feel confident and strong and know that I am capable of anything today.”, so adding the imagery and calming properties of these four stones helps to ground and promote this intention.

“I AM PEACEFUL” Oracle Crystal Affirmation Grid

For this specific grid, I chose to incorporate one double-terminated crystal made of Labradorite and Black Tourmaline and here’s why: Double-terminated crystals have a point at both ends, which makes them powerful for sending intentions both ways – inward and outward. Because our affirmation for this card was about bringing peace to ourselves and the environment, I needed my affirmation to be projected inward to myself, and outward into the universe. Black Tourmaline is also incredibly protective and transmutes negative energies while Labradorite assists with transformation and spiritual healing.

Once your entire grid is laid out and you feel confident with the results, you need to activate it and this can be done in a variety of ways. You can smoke cleanse it with the herbs you burned before you began your grid by either drawing an invisible circle (beginning at the top of your grid and working clockwise) around the outer boundary of your grid with an incense stick or herbal smudge stick, or you can place the lit incense near the grid and gently wave the stream of smoke over it with your hands.

If you have an extra piece of Clear Quartz crystal or a Selenite wand, you can draw an invisible circle around the outer boundary of your grid just as you would with the incense, beginning at the top of your grid and working clockwise. You can also blow three gentle, steady breaths over your grid, similar to blowing out a birthday candle. If you have moon water or an anointing oil, you can use these to draw a circle with your finger around your grid or gently sprinkle it over the whole thing, just be sure not to get any on your cards. For a more simple method, dip your finger in the oil and touch once above, to the right, below, and to the left with the oil to mark your compass directions. A thin circle of salt can be sprinkled around your grid if you have the space and resources for it, it just depends on your level of comfort and how much you want to clean up afterwards.

Breaking Your Grid Down

Like the rest of this process, this next step will depend solely on your intuition. For bigger, more powerful affirmations that may need some time to work, I prefer to leave my grid up for at least 24 hours. For the less significant ones, unless your intuition is telling you not to, it’s okay to begin breaking them down once your ritual is complete.

To begin, take a few deep breaths and give your hands a little shake to loosen your energy, then hold them both palms down and just a few inches above your grid, visualizing your affirmation one last time. Speak it out loud or within your mind and then say, “And so it is.” Imagine a bright white light emanating from your palms and covering your grid. Visualize it absorbing your affirmation, crystal by crystal, until your entire grid is glowing. Then left your palms slowly to the sky and imagine all of that light and energy moving up with your hands and then leaving them in a shower of glittering white light.

Sit still and absorb the moment, feel the energy shifting around you as your affirmation settles into the crevices of the universe. Let the sparkles dissipate, then take one deep breath. You are now ready to break down your grid. Beginning with the top crystal of your outermost layer and working clockwise, pick up each crystal one by one and put it away. Try to remain mindful and present during this time. Take care not to rush.

Work from the outer layer to the innermost layer until you’ve picked up all of the crystals and are left with just your card. Acknowledge it and thank it for what it’s done, and what it’s about to do. Wish it well on its journey and then cleanse it with Selenite or incense smoke and then put it back with its deck. If you choose, you can display it somewhere that it can be seen frequently to serve as a reminder.

As you can see, tarot and oracle cards are an underrated source of daily intentions and magick. They can offer direction when you feel lost, serve as reminders for what you need affirmed in your life, and assist us in projecting some seriously life-changing energy to promote potent manifestation within our earthly realm.

If you have any questions or concerns, head over to my About Me page to get in touch.

Thank you for reading. Happy journeys!

By Tylyn Fry

Writer • Educator • Herbal Alchemist

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