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The following materials are recommended for anyone interested in furthering their craft. I personally own every one of them and have treasured the information they’ve provided me with. (I may make a small commission if you purchase through these links. Thank you.)

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs

As a green witch, I just love this book. It reveals the most powerful herbs and which ones are best for which spells and includes step-by-step guides to potions, sprays, herbal bundles and more! The information is invaluable and easy to understand. This book is a necessary addition for any practicing witch. ($12.49 on Amazon; click the photo for purchase info)

The House Witch: Your Complete Guide to Creating a Magical Space with Rituals and Spells for Hearth and Home

Being a full-time stay at home mom, my hearth and home are so important to me. Most of my daily magick is conjured in the kitchen, and for my home. This book is filled with ideas and information and is one I reference back to often. ($9.39 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More

Opening a new book about magick is such a good feeling. I’ve connected the most with this one so far, as it covers all of the wild, earthy feelings I’ve always had and has given me words for them. Plus it’s filled with witchy tips and information. ($12.79 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want

I have trouble keeping lunar correspondences in my memory and find myself referencing this book quite often. It includes a few spells and rituals that are perfect foundations for any baby witch or witches still in the broom closet. ($8.29 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Astrology and the Art of Healing

A lovely, easy to read introduction to the concept of healing the body and spirit through astrology, including ancient techniques for identifying, predicting, and preventing physical and mental illness. This book is perfect for anyone that is interested in healing through the stars. ($19.99 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

The Witch’s Herbal Apothecary: Rituals & Recipes For A Year of Earth Magick & Sacred Medicine Making

The perfect blend of witchcraft, herbalism, and earth magick. I picked this book up when I first got into researching witchcraft and it helped me transition into doing my own rituals. ($17.99 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Wiccapedia: A Modern-Day White Witch’s Guide

This book should be considered “the dictionary of witchcraft”. It is the first book I would recommend to any witch, new or experienced. I use this book as a reference often, from numerology to spell work and dream working. Not only is it well-written by two widely known witches, but it’s beautifully created in a magickally convenient form. ($11.99 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Modern Tarot: Connecting with Your Higher Self through the Wisdom of the Cards

Whether you’re new to tarot or you’ve been practicing for a few years, this book takes you on a journey through all of the suits, one card at a time, while introducing techniques to use your cards to connect with your Higher Self for a more mindful, meaningful life. ($14.59 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

The Herbal Kitchen

I bought this book with the hopes of feeding my family a little better, and it quickly became my top favorite herbal book. It’s loaded with recipes and information that help you to bring more herbs and spices into your home and kitchen. ($15.20 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Practical Astrology For Witches & Pagans

This is the first book I’ve ever purchased in regards to astrology because almost everything there is to learn about it is online. When I saw this title, however, I snagged it out of curiosity and I’m so glad I did. It reads so well and explains so much more about astrology and the zodiac than one could ever simply learn on the internet. ($17.69 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Momstrology: The AstroTwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars

As a mom of three boys, I was seriously struggling to manage all of the quirks in their little personalities. This book has not only helped me to cope, but also understand my children’s characteristics so that I can be a more knowledgeable, understanding mom for them. ($17.30 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook

Anyone that is stepping out of the realm of simple magick and into the world of herbalism and alchemy, this book is for you. I’ve tried multiple recipes I found in it and with great success. The information you’ll find inside – from planetary influences to medicinal information – is invaluable. ($21.59 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

The Hearth Witch’s Compendium

This book is the perfect blend of natural and magickal that any hedge witch would appreciate. It’s filled with ideas for kitchen and hearth witches, or any homemaker looking to add some magick to their lives. ($18.87 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Positively Tarot: A Modern Guide to A Mindful Life

If you have any interest in tarot or oracle reading but you’re hesitant to try, give this book a shot. It breaks the Tarot down into an easy to read and remember guide through each card plus how to integrate them into your life positively. ($13.99 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

The Book of Blessings & Rituals

Drawing from different world traditions, this little book covers a wide array of occasions and intentions, including holidays and sacred days, love, healing, protection, prosperity and success, lunar blessings and rituals, and manifestation. Organized by month, it teaches you how to celebrate the sacred all year long. It also includes DIY projects and rituals will help you perform each blessing, plus you’ll learn how to construct medicine bundles and altars, which crystals to use to amplify the rituals or clear energy, and how to smudge for clearing and protection. ($16.36 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

This specific deck is still a little new to me, but I am shocked by how accurate it’s been in readings for myself and others. The cards are beautifully illustrated and the guidebook offers just the right amount of information. Overall, it’s quickly becoming my favorite. ($15.73 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

The Wildwood Tarot By Mark Ryan and John Matthews

Beautifully illustrated with deep nature-themed imagery, this deck is incredible. I would purchase the guide book alone because it’s so well-written and poetic. I would definitely recommend this deck to any green witches or pagans in general. ($17.54 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Vivid Journey Tarot Deck by Jessica Alaire

The Vivid Journey Tarot Deck is my go-to for any tarot readings. The book is beautifully written and the artwork is bold and bright. Doing tarot readings with this deck always makes me feel so light and joyful. ($13.30 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Kawaii Tarot By Diana Lopez

These cozy, pastel little cards are such a great buy. First of all, the entire deck is small. The cards themselves are a little smaller than your average playing cards, which makes them perfect for little hands if you have any baby witches running around. Second of all, the images are beautiful, simple, and created with the most comforting pastel palette. Third of all, the guide book is incredibly well-written and gives very direct meanings. This deck is perfect for someone just getting started with tarot. ($11.90 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck & Guidebook by Jennifer Sodini

The Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck and Guide Book is absolutely divine. Based on the 42 Laws of Ma’at, the entire deck is beautiful and relatable. It’s still my favorite to use for readings by far. ($18.04 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Dark Mirror Oracle By Laura Sava

Shadow Work can be painful and confusing, especially in the beginning. This oracle deck guides you through all of the “shadows” of humanity while managing somehow to shine a light of strength and hope. Brutally raw and honest with imagery that depicts just that, I would suggest this deck to only the most advanced tarot readers that know how to manage this sort of energy. On a brighter note, this deck also guides you to healing your inner child and spirit when used properly and may be one of the greatest decks I own. ($17.96 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Magick Materials

The following is a collection of magick materials I have sourced from online and recommend to those that are having trouble finding what they need for spells and rituals. (I may make a small commission if you purchase through these links at no extra charge to you. Thank you!)

Clear Quartz Crystal: The Master of All Crystals

Clear Quartz crystal is the one crystal you must have as a witch. It can substitute for any other crystal, plus it’s known as the master healer because it channels any energy and improves any condition. It’s known to improve quality of life by helping you feel happier and more energized and attunes you to your spiritual purpose. I found these on Amazon and they are superior quality, incredibly affordable, and absolutely gorgeous. I’ve used them for jewelry making, circle casting and activation, and crystal gridding. ($9.99 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Mortar & Pestle

If you decide to do any magick work involving herbs and spices, I’d highly suggest a mortar and pestle if you don’t have one. I use mine for more than grinding herbs as I keep it on my altar and occasionally use it as an ancestral offering bowl. (About $24.99 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

Palo Santo Wood Sticks

Palo Santo Wood is a sacred wood that when burned helps cleanse and purify the sacred space, protects against negativity, lifts dark moods and brings forth feelings of centeredness, love, and connection, raises vibrational frequency, calms anxiety, stress, reduces insomnia, inspires creativity, strengthens the immune system, and is an insect repellent. It has a very gentle aroma, with tinge of sweetness, lemon, and mint. ($11.99 from Amazon; click photo for purchase info)

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