Amazon: The Hidden Witch’s Cupboard

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Just imagine what it would be like to simply pick up your phone and order that last ingredient that you needed for a spell you’ve been putting together, with the possibility of it arriving on your doorstep the next day. Imagine how amazing it would be, to not have to live near an occult shop just to have access to magickal crystals and incenses. What if I told you that time has come? And it’s all thanks to Amazon.

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What a time to be a witch. Amazon probably has no idea, but they’ve essentially become the largest marketplace for items of witchcraft next to Etsy. (I am not trying to knock Etsy in any way. I genuinely enjoy their marketplace too, occasionally.) However, if you’re like me and happen to be a green or hearth witch with limited funds, multiple kids, and no desire to drag them into a shop with you in the first place, Amazon is now your new best friend. Especially if you have a Prime membership, thanks to free two-day shipping and incredible deals.

If you’re interested in trying it out, I suggest the free 30-day trial that I’ve included below. You’ll have full access to all of the magick for a month plus you can cancel at any time with no charge.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Even without a membership, you can find incredible prices and fast shipping on a ridiculously large inventory of magickal offerings. You’d be surprised at what can be found through just a few searches. I’ve put together a list of my favorite buys, most of which can be found in my own home. Enjoy!

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Sacred Tools

I’m just going to jump right in to the very best thing about being a witch with access to Amazon: the endless amount of sacred supplies right at your fingertips. Divination boasts many methods, and Amazon doesn’t disappoint in its offerings for each one.

Such as this raw amethyst pendulum for $19.99, which is larger and heavier than most pendulums and easy to hold with a Quartz crystal at the end of the chain.

Or maybe this gorgeous Rose Quartz Pendulum for $11.59 is more your style. Both are perfect for divination and dowsing, even for beginners.

Speaking of beginners, this is the pendulum mat ($18.70) that I used when I first started learning divination. I thought I’d use it until I got the hang of it and then pass it on to another witch, but alas, two years later and I still use this mat every time. Totally worth the investment if you’re serious about pendulum divination.

If casting runes is your thing or you’re interested in learning, you can find multiple sets in an array of gemstones according to your preferences, and some even include instructions, like the one Lapis Lazuli set above for $28.99. (Read the product description carefully to make sure instructions are included.)

There are also table cloths and altar cloths like the one above for $19.00 that you can cast your runes on to help you further determine the message you’re receiving from them.

My first introduction to “magick” was when I was about 8 years old. My grandad has always had “the gift” but I didn’t understand what that meant until I stood in an empty field and watched him use two coat hangers to find water under the ground we stood on. When he announced he’d found water, a team of construction workers immediately began digging to put a well in, which would be my family’s source of water for the next 20 years. I wonder what he’d say if I told him you can now buy these dowsing rods on the internet like this set for $21.45.

There are so many amazing tarot and oracle decks out there. Deciding which one to invest in can be difficult. I began with a tarot deck but eventually graduated to oracle cards, which are much easier for me to read. The Amenti Oracle Feather Heart Deck is divine and really integrates positive “being” into its readings with the 42 Ideals of Ma’at and is affordable at around $18.04.

From there, I branched out to these Energy Oracle Cards ($15.73) because I have always been sensitive to energy and read the world in this way anyway. It turns out I was right, and the most accurate readings that I get are with this deck right here. Everyone is different, so what works and is enjoyable for me may not be the same for you. Listen to your intuition when you’re trying to decide which venture to take and try not to get overwhelmed by the options.

I’m going to be honest, I haven’t tried the “Cup of Destiny” yet ($22.46) but I am fascinated by it and may end up ordering it after all. After reading an article on Pinterest about “how to read tea leaves”, I made a very awkward and unsuccessful attempt, but now I’m hooked and I’m almost certain this little set would help. It includes a guidebook to help you along, plus the teacup and saucer are absolutely divine. Yep, I just talked myself into buying one.

Above anything else, I am a green witch. I use dried herbs every day, whether it’s in tea or spell work. When I first started, I would grind them in a blender, which was incredibly loud and discomforting. I’m a very hands-on person so I invested in a mortar and pestle, and now I don’t know what I’d do without it. There’s nothing like the novelty of grinding and blending your own herbs by hand and you can find a variety of them like the one above for $19.89.

Candles are an incredibly important tool for rituals and spell work and this set of assorted spell candles ($22.99) truly simplifies that. There are ten colors with ten candles for each color, so you will be well-stocked on spell candles for a while.


Whether you’re looking for just a couple specific crystals that you’ve been needing or you have no idea where to start and just need the basics, Amazon has your back. You can find entire collections like the one above for about $26.95, or you can search for one specific crystal at a time.

You can also find healing crystal jewelry of all kinds – wire-wrapped, macrame, resin, orgone, etc. This Rainbow Moonstone Necklace is $14.99 and promotes hope, luck, and abundance. You can even find some handmade items now too, thanks to Amazon’s Handmade Program.

If you’re not really into necklaces, this sterling silver Triple Crescent Moon Goddess Ring ($49.99) also features a Rainbow Moonstone in a bezel-setting. The three moon phases engraved on it (waxing, full, and waning) represent the three phases in a woman’s life: maiden, mother, and crone. It’s also used to represent the Greek goddess Hecate, who is associated with childbirth, gates and doorways, crossroads, magick, and lunar lore.

One of my greatest finds was this pound of Clear Quartz crystal for $14.99. I love Clear Quartz. It is essentially my crystal band-aid for everything. You may already know this, but you can program Clear Quartz with any intention and it’s capable of channeling any energy, while healing almost any physical or emotional condition. I use these crystals for meditation, crystal gridding, and jewelry as they arrive in a range of sizes from small points to large crystals with multiple terminated points.

I have multiple altars throughout my house that serve different purposes, but my favorite altar to work with is my main one, located on the top two shelves of a bookcase in our living room. It’s the only one I have that is set up according to the four directions and the elements, meaning I have a crystals and elemental correspondences in a specific pattern meant to draw in and project certain energies.

These crystal towers work beautifully for this purpose ($19.91 for all 4) as they are about 2″ tall and radiate positive energy. This set includes Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Black Obsidian.

If you’re looking for a potent crystal that will shift some serious energy in your home and life, these large Amethyst clusters ($39.95) hail from Uruguay and range in size from 250 grams to 500 grams. (Price varies with size.) They stand upright which allows you to place them easily on an altar or shelf.

Amethyst is the stone of the Third Eye and offers protection, wisdom, and balance. They’re one of the most well known healing stones and are essential for those who work on healing themselves and others, as it purifies energy at all levels. It’s also known to transmute negative thoughts into positive ones, providing a perfect balance to solve emotional conflicts.

Finding new ways to hang crystals around your home definitely enhances any witchy aesthetic. Crystals can store, project, cleanse, and purify energies of the home and self, which is why you’ll find them almost everywhere you look in a witch’s home. This raw Rose Quartz wind chime ($21.99) is perfect for hanging in the corner of a room that could use some extra love and positivity, or near the bed for peaceful sleep, and comes in a variety of stones.


I have an entire page filled with my favorite witchy and herbal books that I fondly refer to as “A Witch’s Library”, and you can find that here. For the sake of time and space, I will leave you with the ones that I refer to the most and let you check the others out on your own time.

This is the first book I’ve ever read about witchcraft. Strangely, I found it on sale at one of those Spirit Halloween shops at the exact moment that I needed it in my life. I’ve taken notes and highlighted in mine, flagged pages and accidentally dripped tea on them a few times. But this is that kind of book – one you find yourself referring back to often, one that is as deep as a well and loved to the brim. It can be found on Amazon for $11.99.

I don’t remember ever “choosing” to be a green witch. I think I just felt that in my bones from the beginning and somehow knew that’s who I was. I’ve met some witches that really struggle with trying to identify themselves or put a label on their craft and that breaks my heart. Working so hard to slap a title on something (or someone) takes all of the magick out of it.

Pay attention to what catches your eye and interests you the most. There are books just like this one ($12.79) for every type of witch, so if you’re not sure about your path and need more guidance or information, search for these books. They can help you determine which path is truly best for you.

The moon and her phases are incredibly important when it comes to a witch’s craft. Not every witch is a lunar expert, but many of them can tell you what moon phase we’re currently in or can vaguely explain how these phases effect us. Personally, my craft involves the moon just as much as it does herbs and crystals. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to keep all of the correspondences straight, but that’s where this book is incredibly useful.

It’s also helpful that this is book ($8.29) is filled page to page with spells and rituals and wonderful ideas that are valuable to any witch, new or seasoned.

Above any other book that I own pertaining to my craft, this book is my most treasured. ($21.95) The pages in my copy are worn and bent from over a year of flagging, accidental spills, near fires, and other wounds from my experimentation. It’s also one of two books I will never let someone else borrow. I still refer back to it when I’m mixing concoctions in my apothecary because of its wealth of herbal and planetary knowledge and wisdom.

Herbs & Tea

I didn’t realize how massive Amazon’s tea selection was until I started looking for mugwort. I’d read about the magick benefits of drinking it as a tea (clairvoyance, protection, astral projection, prophetic dreams to name a few…) and tried looking for it in multiple shops around me and was incredibly disappointed when I couldn’t find it. I practically live in the middle of Oklahoma so I shouldn’t have been that surprised. But then I remembered Amazon (of course) and found 4 ounces of loose leaf mugwort tea (pictured above) for just $12.95! Plus it arrived the next day. Now that is what I call “magickal”.

Not only am I a green witch, but I am currently forging a career in herbalism, or “herbal alchemy” to be more precise. So you can imagine that I use a lot of herbs and spices, especially now that I’m branching out into kitchen witchery. I love that Amazon has almost every herb and spice available, on their own or in sets like the one above for ($24.95) because running out of something right when you need it can seriously kill the magick.

Dried flowers are another ingredient I can’t get enough of. I love that you can buy sets like this ($18.99) that offer a variety. I use them in spell bottles and satchets, ritual baths, and even in my tea occasionally. This set includes Rosebuds, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Lily, Myosotis, Marigold, and Amaranth.

This set ($16.97) would also fall under the “sacred tools” category, but the most important piece of it is the dried Sage bundle, which you can burn to cleanse and purify your sacred space. I love the idea of this set for baby witches because it can feel awkward when you first start smoke cleansing. This set provides everything you need to do it successfully and confidently.

However, if you’re a seasoned witch and prefer no frills, you can find simple Sage bundles for around $8.99 or try Palo Santo wood instead for about $9.99.

I’ve always used incense in the form of a stick or cone, but a fellow witch introduced me to resins and I can never go back. It’s best to use self-lighting charcoal pucks placed on a heat-safe dish on a bed of sand within a larger dish to disperse the heat. They can burn for up to 45 minutes at a time which makes them perfect for a ritual or meditation session. Every incense has a specific meaning and correspondences so this variety set for $16.20 is a great buy, allowing you to try them all and see which ones you use most and should order more of.

Home Decor

Which brings us to home décor and this tiny cast iron cauldron for $19.99. I love these little baby cauldrons. Technically they could also be considered “sacred tools” but whether you use yours for an altar decoration or actual alchemy is up to you. You can use them to burn incense resins, mix elixirs and potions in them, leave offerings for your chosen deities in them on your altar, and more. Make sure you read the description carefully when it comes to their size as the one above is actually only 4″ in diameter but appears larger.

Speaking of incense dishes, I just want to point out how gorgeous this one is for $10.99, with its hammered copper and triple moon goddess symbol. If you’re not really into burning incense, this would make a beautiful offering dish on the altar. Or you could fill it with salt and use it to cleanse and charge your crystals.

I don’t believe that the moon is specifically reserved for witches, but I do believe that witches are reserved for the moon. It’s nearly impossible to find a witch that doesn’t enjoy staring at their celestial friend at the very least. This incredible 3D Moon Lamp brings the moon light indoors for $19.95, plus it comes with a wooden stand and can change from 16 different colors.

While we’re on the subject of the moon as home décor, would you look at this delectable moon phase garland for $14.98. This would be beautiful above any altar or sacred space, or even strung above the bed, and adds a classy but witchy touch to any wall.

The crystal bonsai tree is known as the “Wishing Tree”, ($28.99) as it can be used to attract increased luck, wealth, and fortune into the home or altar. They’re known to enhance energy and vitality and boost the mood and emotions when near someone or being held.

I can’t walk past any crystal ball and not gaze into it. Generally, I’m never sure what I’m seeing but I still hold onto the hope that one day a face or a message of some kind will appear. You can find a variety of them like this one ($16.98) and in a multitude of colors and materials. I would suggest reading the product description carefully as some of them are made out of glass, which doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful but if, for instance, you’re wanting a Clear Quartz crystal ball, read the description carefully so that you don’t end up disappointed.

Now that you know where to find crystals at, you’ll want some shelves to display them on, like this rustic floating mountain shelf for $25.99. I bought two floating shelves for this reason and they quickly became functioning altars instead of just “home décor”‘. It doesn’t hurt that they’re gorgeous to look at and keep your treasures away from sticky baby fingers and wandering cats.

I am always searching for art to fill the blank spaces on my walls, especially eclectic pieces that speak to who I am, like this set of Tarot Tapestries (3 for $19.99) that features The Sun, The Moon, and The Star. These are a beautiful addition to any witch’s home or altar.

If you’re really into the whole celestial theme, this gorgeous cotton throw is $32.99 and features a pattern of the sun, moons, and stars. Plus it’s double sided!

Palm reading, or chiromancy, has been used for thousands of years based on astrology, planets, forces of nature and classic elements. The Palm is thought to be our map of Life, showing us the way energies flow so we can learn a person’s personality, future, or fortune. This set includes an antiqued resin hand sculpture inscribed with planetary and zodiac symbols and an instruction booklet ($14.95) and features a flat back and felt pads so it won’t scratch the wall or shelves.

There’s nothing that would make me feel more like a powerful witch of the divine than sipping wine out of this chalice. ($18.99) And now that I know it exists, is there really any other appropriate way to consume any beverage? Made of polyresin with stainless steel interior liner and the ability to hold about 4 ounces, it’s perfect for rituals and offerings in addition to being used to sip wine from. You can find many different designs and metals for a variety of prices if dragons aren’t really your thing.

There may be times that you need to cleanse your home but aren’t able to do so with smoke or incense. Whether it’s due to allergies or your room mate hating the smell of burning sage, there are a few “smokeless” options that can still cleanse the energy in your home, altar, crystals, and aura, like this Pure White Sage Smudge Candle ($12.99), which banishes negative energy, purifies the energy of your home, and heals the chakras.

Maybe you aren’t able to have an open flame at all or you’re not really into candles. This White Sage Smudge Spray ($15.99) complete with a little Selenite stick is definitely for you. The essential oil blend used in this spray is made with two types of sage – their common names are Spanish Sage and White Sage.

White Sage essential oil is rare and adds an amazing aroma and additional cleansing properties to your rituals. Using Sage to cleanse space has its roots in Native American spiritual practices and scientifically, it also has anti-bacterial properties.

As you can see, Amazon is currently the greatest hidden witch’s cupboard and will quickly become your new witchy best friend now that you have discovered it’s magick. You are welcome.

Thanks for reading!

By Tylyn Fry

Writer • Educator • Herbal Alchemist

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