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Digital Witchcraft Weekday Magickal Reference Sheet Prints

Check out our new digital, printable Weekday Magick Correspondence sheets!

Did you know that every day of the week carries its own magick witchcraft correspondences that can be used to enhance not only your craft, but every day of your life? For example, Mondays are ruled by the moon, and Monday’s corresponding crystals include Moonstone and Aquamarine, which can be carried and used to enhance any spell work or rituals performed that day.

Each day of the week has its own magickal aspects such as the ruling planet, colors, types of spell work that are most effective for the energy of that day, crystals and minerals, plants, and corresponding incense and magickal intentions. All of these aspects can be used to promote manifestation and spell work for witches of any kind.

Digital Witchcraft Weekday Magickal Reference Sheet Prints

How do you use these correspondences though? Still using Monday as our example, spells and rituals that are most effective on Mondays include gardening, fertility, and family. Using the corresponding colors, crystals, plants, and incense for these types of spells performed on a Monday can bring you the most powerful manifestation and magick.

These Digital Witch Weekday Reference Print Sheets are created with a pastel, rainbow aesthetic and each page includes cute witchy kawaii graphics and creative lettering to give you a sense of peace and positivity.
Print and frame all seven pages to create a series on a wall in your home to easily reference them before you leave your home or begin your day.
Or print them and add them to your grimoire, journal, or witchy planner!

Digital Witchcraft Weekday Magickal Reference Sheet Prints

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Hey guys, it’s Tylyn – author and creator of Altared Intentions. I’ve thoroughly loved working on this blog for the past three years and I’m so grateful for every reader, every sharer, and every subscriber. I began this blog to help others experiencing the same thing I was, to offer them a connection to spiritual healing through an ancient craft.

You might’ve noticed that I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging (2 years to be exact) and I do intend to continue writing spiritual, informative posts in the future, but in the meantime, I’ve fallen in love with putting my skills toward something totally new – a witch’s shop!

Moon Pepper Designs can be found on Etsy and it now offers many magically witchy products and gifts, including my Digital Witchcraft Weekday Magickal Reference Sheet downloads, unique kitchen and home decor, witchy t-shirts and coffee mugs, and even journals and stickers!

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