Why & How to Set Intentions With Your Jewelry

Have you ever set an intention with a crystal or charmed an object to provide you protection, strength, or something else you needed more of? Have you ever thought about doing this with the accessories you wear every day? I don’t mean just jewelry but anything: keychains, headbands, hair ties, shoelaces, socks, underwear, bobby pins, beauty products (makeup, facial mists, etc.), purses and wallets, you get the picture.

You can set an intention with literally anything to assist you in reaching your highest goals – even if it’s a simple confidence charm on your right high heel before you head into that job interview. It seems insane but I’m telling you, it works. And it can seriously help you have a badass day, every day.

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If you’re still a witch in the broom closet and haven’t told your friends and family yet, this is a great way for secret magick. Your grandma never has to know that you set an intention with the ring on your middle finger for dispelling negative energy specifically to deal with her.

Nobody ever has to know that you charmed your favorite necklace to amplify your beauty and attract people to you. Believe me, never tell that to a stranger. They will run from you. Or that you set an intention of knowledge and achievement on the pencil you’ll be taking an exam with. Which technically isn’t cheating, right?

Charming every day objects and setting intentions with them not only projects our desires into the Universe and assists with manifestation, but helps us consistently carry that energy throughout the day by acting as a little reminder that there’s no need to worry, the Universe has your back.

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It can be something you’ve come up with in the moment, a charm you use every time you’re going out, or one that you’ve found on the internet, but you’ll need a quick incantation to properly set your intention. I’ve included some examples below that can be altered as needed depending on what you’re enchanting. How you say it isn’t necessarily important, but it’s vital that you are as clear and direct as possible and don’t use negative terms like “I won’t” or “I can’t”. Always find a positive way to deliver your intention, otherwise it could go the wrong direction.

If you’re setting intentions with something small enough to hold in your hand, you’ll need to decide if your charm will be “giving” or “receiving.” For instance, if your intention is to provide support and care to others, it is a “giving intention”. However if you are setting an intention for inner strength or confidence, this would be a “receiving intention.”

If you’re working with giving intentions, you’ll need a crystal to hold in your left hand (receiving hand) while you hold the jewelry you are charming in your right hand (giving hand). Clear Quartz, Selenite, Hematite, and Smoky Quartz are great options but it can be any crystal that you feel drawn to.

If you’re working with receiving intentions, you’ll need to hold the crystal in your right hand (giving hand) and the jewelry you are charming in your left hand (receiving hand). Once you decide if your intention is giving or receiving and you have your jewelry and crystal in the correct hands, you’ll say or think your intention very directly and clearly.

Here are some ideas for your own charms and intentions:

Keep your energy grounded and emotions balanced.

Intentional Handmade Jewelry

“These earrings invoke peace and stability in my life. As long as I wear them, I am grounded and centered.”

“I am one with my Higher Self and one with the Divine. With this bracelet, I am guided with light and love. I have no need to stress or worry.”

“With this necklace, my emotions are balanced and my energy is centered. I am grounded and at peace.”

Kick your self-esteem into gear and get your inner power back.

Intentional Handmade Jewelry

“I am a strong, passionate force to be reckoned with. I invoke willpower and confidence with this ring and know that I can handle anything.”

“There is nothing that I can’t handle or succeed at. My energy and ambition is unstoppable and with these earrings, I banish any obstacles in my way.”

“With this necklace, I acknowledge that I am a quiet storm and will stop at nothing until I have what I want.”

Amplify how you love yourself and others.

Intentional Handmade Jewelry

“I invoke patience and strength with this bracelet. I am a glowing source of self-love and confidence that others can look to for comfort and support.

“This necklace is a symbol of my worth, my strength, and my beauty. May it remind me that I am enough, and will always be enough.”

“With these earrings, I invoke feelings of comfort and love for myself and those around me.

Come up with your own intention that is specific to your needs.

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“My kids will not get the best of me today. This bracelet is a reminder that I can be kind and in control at the same time. Also, I’m too cute to go to prison.”

“I will deal with my aggravating coworker with compassion and empathy. Her alcoholism and racism are not my responsibility and with this bracelet, I choose to look past her questionable lifestyle.”

“I will stay calm and centered when spending time with my mother-in-law. With this ring, I invoke the powers of taking nothing she says personally.”

The point is, whatever situation, goal, or vision you are working with, setting intentions and enchanting your accessories can help you achieve even more and can make daily life that much more magickal.

If you have your own tips or advice for enchanting objects and setting intentions, I’d love to hear them! Email me at AltaredIntentionsJewelry@gmail.com to share! Happy journeys! 🌙

By Tylyn Fry

Writer • Educator • Herbal Alchemist